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About TLSN

President's Welcome Address

Professor O.T. Feyi-Sobanjo
LLM (Strathclyde), JSD (PhD)(Thomas Jefferson,) DSc (Sommerset), FMTLSN, FTLSN, FCIPM, FPMA, FWACMC, FWAMC, FIMC, FCMC, MIATL, AIAMA

During the last two decades or more, great changes have been taking place in the world; globalization, market liberalization, e-governance, regional trading blocs, and the reality of electronic transaction on the Internet has been creating new opportunities for businesses to transform their operations and governments to transform their economies, and new opportunities for citizens in every field and facet of life, be it in entertainment, marketing activities, electronic land transactions, e-judiciary, e-lawyering, e-contracting, e-banking, e-purchases, tele-medicine, sports or education.  For example, students and teachers can have immediate access to the world's information from their homes and classrooms; doctors can administer diagnoses to patients in remote parts of the globe from their offices; and citizens of many repressive nations are beginning to find new and additional outlets for personal and political expression and a global platform for agitation for protection of their fundamental human rights.

However, notwithstanding the numerous potential benefits of electronic transaction, the need for legal recognition, security and validity of online transactions to stimulate users confidence and protect consumers has increasingly been forcing many governments across the world to either enact new laws or review/amend their existing  laws to accommodate and facilitate the new methods of business  transaction. Reason being that the precarious nature of the Internet and the globalization of the world economy mean that developments in electronic transaction may create legal problems concerning such critical issues as; legal recognition of electronic messages, online authentication and verification, jurisdiction, evidenceand consumer  protection if the issues are not urgently and adequately addressed. 

The TLSN is therefore committed to informing and educating business owners, business executives, qualified professionals (such as bankers, insurers, marketers, accountants, management consultants and educational administrators) senior judicial administrators and civil servants,  law researchers, teachers and practitioners as well as the general public about the unique legal issues arising from the evolution, production, marketing, acquisition and use of information and communications technology and related areas of electronic transaction, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and intellectual property, in Nigeria and globally. It is our hope and expectation that you will join us in this drive.

About TLSN

TLSN is a non-profit organization that was founded to encourage the growth of all aspect of technology and electronic transaction law in Nigeria, and to that extent, to form collaborations with all legal entities and serve as a common meeting point of all electronic transaction and technology  law  experts, consultants and scholars, other legal professionals, jurists and other stakeholders who had an interest in the evolution, growth and development of electronic transaction and Technology  Law.

Benefits of TLSN Membership

By joining the TLSN, you will be able to, among several other opportunities:  

  • further and enhance your career and professional prospects, status and opportunities;
  • participate, in a multi-disciplinary setting, in activities designed to improve and update your intellectual and practice skills;
  • keep up to date with current developments and issues in the field;
  • participate in professional fellowship and make relevant contacts; and
  • gain access to:  (a) a national network of Information Technology Law specialists; increased educational opportunities through publications, seminars and conferences; and increased sector leadership and exposure via committee membership and speaking and publishing opportunities.

Thank you, and welcome to TLSN.

Professor O.T. Feyi-Sobanjo
LLM(Strathclyde), JSD(PhD)(Thomas Jefferson,)DSc(Sommerset), FMTLSN, FTLSN, FCIPM, FPMA, FWACMC, FWAMC, MITechLA, MIATL, AIAMA
National President
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