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President's Profile

Professor O.T. Feyi-Sobanjo
LLM (Strathclyde), JSD (PhD) (Thomas Jefferson), DSc (Sommerset), FMTLSN, FTLSN, FCIPM, FPMA, FWACMC, FWAMC, FIMC, FCMC, MIATL, AIAMA

Professor O.T. Feyi-Sobanjo is an expert in Information Technology & Telecommunications Law and a Professor of Information Technology & Telecommunications Law  at the International Centre for Technology & Contemporary Laws (ICTCL), France.  He is the Deputy Director General (Research & Development) of the Centre and the Director of Information Technology & Telecommunications Law Programmes. He holds an LLM in IT & Telecommunications Law from University of Strathclyde-UK, a JSD (PhD) in E-Commerce and Technology Law from Thomas Jefferson School of Law-USA and a Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution from University of Georgia, USA.

Professor O.T. Feyi-Sobanjo establishes the first International Research and Training Centre for Information Technology & Contemporary Laws (IRTC-ITCL), in Africa at Lagos, Nigeria in 2005.

Among others, Professor Dr. Feyi-Sobanjo, is:
• A former Member of the International Technology Lawyers Association-USA and a Member of its e-commerce and data protection committees.
• A Co-Founder and Current President of Technology Law Society of Nigeria.
• A former member of the International Association of IT Lawyers, Denmark.
• A Member of Institute of Arbitration & Mediation of Australia
• A Co-Founder of Technology Law Development Company Nigeria Limited.

Research/Teaching Interests:
His research/teaching interests include: legal and security issues in electronic transactions, prohibitions and exceptions in electronic transactions/signature legislations, electronic banking; jurisdictions in electronic environment; e-governance, consumer and data protection in electronic environment and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

He has carried out extensive research and publications on electronic will creation, legal challenges to electronic banking, security issues in electronic transaction, competition law, consumer protection, privacy and data protection in electronic environment and e-contracting.

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