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TLSN Examination Papers Setting and Marking Procedure

TLSN Exam papers are set by a team of Examiners. Each Examiner is responsible for setting the question paper, writing the suggested answers and producing a Marking Scheme.

Each Exam paper is then reviewed by an Assessor to ensure that the questions are relevant to the Syllabus and that the paper is fair and balanced throughout. And then the suggested answers and Marking Schemes are suitable and appropriate for its purpose.

Thereafter, a Subject Coordinator examines the agreed version of the question paper, suggested answers and Marking Scheme to ensure that they have been set in accordance with the standards required for that level of Exams and also to ensure that the Exams are consistent with previous Exam sessions, to avoid unnecessary overlap with other papers and to ensure progression.

Finally, the Exam papers are attempted by Exam Sitters to ensure that an average Student can complete the paper in the time available.

In all cases, the Examinations Department of the TLSN Coordinate and Monitor the papers throughout the process in order to provide an additional level of quality assurance.


Each Examiner Co ordinates a-team of Qualified Markers responsible for Marking Candidates Scripts. Markers meeting are held as soon as possible after the final paper for each exam session to discuss potential problems and establish a clear marking strategy. To ensure fairness in the Marking Scripts, the marking team does not know the identity of the Candidates.


In all Circumstances, the TLSN academic judgment on the marked scripts is the fair regulator subject to appeal or review.

Examiners decisions can only be considered if a Candidate receives an absent mark but was present at the exam and submitted an exam paper, or if the candidate present was at an exam but received a mark for the paper. In these circumstance, candidates are advisable to submit an appeal against the exam results to the (Chairman) of Education, Training and Examination Board through the Director General.


* Comprehensive and logical presentation of answer devoid of spelling and grammatical errors. – 25%
* Answer adequately addresses the question and all the important aspect of the topic and shows depth of understanding and additional insights.-25%
* A display of in-depth knowledge and understanding across a wide range of the relevant areas including areas at the forefront of the topic– 20%
* Evidence of innovative and original use of learning resources – 15%
* Evidence of knowledge beyond syllabus content -15%

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